Marco is a Certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor and Usui Reiki Master from the North Shore. His practice began on the Winter Solstice of 2012. This monumental first class challenged Marco with a physical practice that opened his eyes to the pursuit of advanced asana postures. Even more importantly, this first class was followed with a savasana that left Marco in a state of surreality. Never had his body been to a state of relaxation that also felt grounded and protected. The spiritual essence that had been dead asleep was reanimated on this date.

After 2 years of on & off practice which included a 6 month hiatus between his first and second class, Marco finally made the commitment to regular practice. During the summer of 2015 Marco’s life was shaken up after a house fire burned up and destroyed most of his personal belongings. Instead of seeing this as a loss, there was a not so hidden message through the ash and smoke. A message to begin anew with a different change in pace. “Release your grasp on the things out of your control.” Less than a month after the fire, Marco was lead to discover reiki healing and immediately felt a calling to learn this powerful healing modality. Within a year Marco received his first reiki attunement under the divine guidance of Usui Reiki Master, Jacalynn Willett.

While working as a mailman and  a slew of random coffee shop jobs Marco graduated from his 200 hour teacher training and took the plunge to pursue his career as a full time yoga teacher in May 2017. Since completing his Reiki Master 1 Training, Marco has taught over 800 hours of yoga, and provided healing space to hundreds of people. He looks forward to meeting you for your next class.

“There is no right way, there is only what works for you.” -GaryVee



tina millar

Tina grew up an athlete, playing year-round soccer and continuing to play through college. After transplanting to Boston and looking for a change, Tina began to train and competed in powerlifting, where she holds a New England squat record. Yoga never struck Tina as ‘athletic’ until she took her first heated Power Yoga class. She was immediately hooked, later stumbling upon O2 Yoga and their upcoming teacher training. In 2016, Tina completed her 200-hour teacher training at O2 Yoga under Mimi Loureiro, where she studied an athletic, energetic yoga practice consisting of unique sequencing and hands-on adjustments. In 2017, Tina trained with ChildLight Yoga in their baby, toddler, and kids yoga series, and in 2018 became a certified prenatal yoga instructor under Barrett Reinhorn.

When not teaching yoga, practicing yoga, or cooking, Tina enjoys traveling with her husband, being outdoors, gardening, and spoiling her little dachshund.


Crista Provencher

Crista is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and completed her first training In April 2017 at Empower Yoga under the teachings of Tricia Philpott. As a student and newly trained teacher, she is so thankful for the spiritual health her practice has brought her and loves sharing her gift with others. Crista teaches a free flowing Vinyasa class here at Bright Day which is challenging but designed for all levels…including beginners! Crista's class offers a unique blend of cardio, strength, and stretching which always includes a light integration and finishes with deep restorative poses leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed after class is done. Crista lives in Peabody with her Husband Ryan, in her spare time she enjoys reading, running and spending time with her dog. 


dot mckeen

Dot has been teaching Yoga for 15 years. She is certified in Iyengar style yoga with Kim Valerie of YOGAspirit, Linda Rado of Yoga on the Ball and Svaroopa yoga with Rama Berch. Dot brings to her classes a heart of gold, compassion and a spiritual sense of healing. Her classes employ the use of props, such as belts, bolsters, blankets and blocks. The use of props in a yoga practice allows the student to soften the muscles, move into the stretches easily creating flexibility and encourages students to see beyond their limitations. With the support, the body can move in subtle ways creating new openings and the student can linger longer in a position allowing the body to release and realign. Dot uses meditation and guided imagery to bring you to a state of total relaxation with a restorative focus for all levels of yoga students. 

Dot is also an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and enjoys teaching students in this healing art from beginner to master level and is also available for a relaxing individual appointment.



Seeing yoga as a way to get exercise but at a low impact and a mindful pace, Hannah signed up for her first yoga class in 2007. This moment sent her unknowingly on a path to deep soul work, realizing that yoga is more than just a physical practice. In January 2016 she completed Coby Kozlowski’s program Quarter-Life Calling and floated right into her 200 hour YTT and Reiki I & II certifications at Barefoot Yoga Shala. She graduated in August 2016 and has been teaching ever since. Hannah is a certified Souluna Certified Life Coach as of September 2018.

In Hannah’s classes, you’ll always know that this is YOUR yoga and that every breath, every pose and every moment in between provides a new opportunity to begin again.



Michel is a 200 hour YTT graduate and certified Reiki 1 practicioner. Yoga, music, and comedy are her holy trinity. When she's not breathing deeply on her mat, you can find her traveling around to see the Dave Matthews Band or trying to get her cats to love her. 

Michel enjoys teaching a strong, mindful, slow flow vinyasa, linking breathe to intuitive movements. A treat she enjoys bringing to class is her tarot cards. At the end of class she offers students to feel free to pull a card and read what it holds for them. 



Nicole is a graduate of the yogaspirit® 200-hour teacher training program and is currently continuing her studies with workshops and philosophy study groups. Her teaching style promotes a non-competitive and healing atmosphere that focuses on technique, proper form and alignment, and injury prevention. Her yoga styles include flow, form, and restorative.  She promotes the use of props and assists to allow the body to relax deeper into the poses. She also adds elements of essential oils, gentle massage, and some meditation to help the students to have a more centered and grounded connection to their body and mind. She wants every student to leave class feeling 100 percent better than when they arrived… feeling revitalized, relaxed, and in tune to their body, mind and spirit!

Nicole is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki 2 practitioner.  She has been a Licensed MT for 17 years and through her work with her clients relieving their daily stress and injury, she has become more convinced of the power and necessity of yoga.

Nicole is a substitute teacher at Bright Day.



Nicole dabbled in yoga through her 20’s, but after having two children she turned to yoga as a way bring some ease into the hectic pace of juggling motherhood and a full time career as a middle school guidance counselor.  She was able to tap into and grow her strength physically, mentally, and emotionally through incorporating yoga on and off the mat. Nicole began sharing her “yoga tools” with friends, family, and anyone who would listen. She completed her 200 hr training at Barefoot Yoga Shala in Middleton, MA and is certified to teach Children’s Yoga as well.  We all come to yoga for something different. Nicole enjoys creating that space for adults and children alike!

Nicole is a substitute teacher at Bright Day.